Saturday, February 16, 2013

My DIY "Ceramic" Containers

So I bought these ceramic containers for my kitchen table and I just love them. I decided that I want to make the rest of my counter accents to match. Originally I had red accents but decided I prefer the look of the ivory and brown.

So I went on a mission to find more of the ivory/brown ceramic containers to switch out all of my red accents. After looking at several stores and not finding what I was looking for, I decided to make my own "ceramic" containers. 

First I painted my lantern. This was originally a dark shiny bronze, then it became red (for a very brief red phase) and now it is ivory with some rustic brown for that aged effect. I think it fits in well with the other ivory/cream pieces.

Next was the utensil holder. I had an old dark brown shiny container so I decided to use that and improvise. I first used ivory craft paint to cover the surface, then I added some dark brown just like the dark brown on the real ceramic containers on the kitchen table. I wanted it to have the same shine so I added some high gloss clear coat spray and it didnt turn out too bad. And best of all, it only cost a few bucks for the paint and clear spray.

Here is a pic of the two new additions next to the WHITE stove (which is another project for another day - I want to convert it to faux "stainless steel").

I also need something to put my topiaries in, so I bought a couple of plain terra cotta pots for $2 each- I am sure you have seen these before. I painted them with the same ivory craft paint. 

After adding some dark brown to mirror the look of the real ceramic containers, I sprayed them with some of the high gloss clear spray to give it that shine of ceramic.

Here is the pair next to the kitchen window

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