Saturday, February 9, 2013

DIY Faux "Barn Door"

During my quest to make my house a little more cozy country, I decided to try and find a cool old barn door. Well, that didnt happen. I checked quite a few antique stores but couldnt find what I was looking for. So I decided to make one. I figured worse case scenario, if it didnt turn out, then I still wouldnt have my barn door.

So I wandered into Lowes and found a big slab of house siding. I got out my tape measure and realized that not only could I make a barn door out of it, but I could make two. Yeah, a pair!

I had it cut to the size that I needed, bought some hardware for the latch and the hinges and brought it home. First I stapled 2 pieces going across and then it was time to paint. So what better to paint with but a sponge. Literally a sponge from under the sink, not a sea sponge, but just an ordinary sponge that is used for cleaning. I pulled out my craft paint bottles (I have a lot of those) and found some burnt umber and black and started painting away. It didnt take long and this is what I ended up with.

After hot gluing the latch and the hinges, they were moved to their new home....

This one is in the entry way hanging on the wall.

The other one of "the pair" is sitting on the fireplace mantle.

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