Saturday, February 9, 2013

My DIY Rustic Hutch

I have always wanted a rustic hutch but I really do not have the wall space in my kitchen, so I found a small wall that I figure it could fit on. But.... it had to be just the right size because you see, it couldnt stick out too far from the wall, and half way up the wall is a light switch that I knew couldnt be blocked. So the hunt was on for something, I just didnt know what.

I started at an antique mall and I immediately found a wooden cabinet that was perfect. It was quite ugly (black & red) and it had a big hole in the side and the top was a little wonky, but the measurements were perfect. The top of the cabinet came to just below the light switch. So I bought it, brought it home, and my hubby filled in the hole with a squre piece of wood and some wood putty. Then I used a dry brush technique to painted over the black with some dark brown while still leaving some of the black showing through (for the aged look) and replaced the handles.

excuse the horrible picture - see where the light switch is...

Then I knew I needed something to sit on top, but because of that darn light switch, it couldnt be very wide and it couldnt be very deep either.

Low and behold, right there on my bathroom wall was a white beadboard style cabinet. It kind of looked like this one but instead of the shutter doors, mine had glass doors.

This is similar to the one I used except mine had glass doors.

 I decided to remove the drawers and the glass, then it was time to paint. First I spray painted it all black, then I went back over the black with the same dry brush technique using the same dark brown while still allowing some of the black to show through so that it would match the lower cabinet.

see how it is turned upside down

Then I added some chicken wire where the glass used to be and voila, it is my new spice rack/rustic hutch and it fits perfectly on the wall. I can even turn the lights on in the kitchen and inside the pantry, which is kind of important.

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