Thursday, March 14, 2013

Milk Can Planters

So we are in the process of updating the outside of our house. It will be painted in a couple of weeks and I will be painting the front door to look like wood grain and we will also be staining the concrete.

In anticipation of the update, I wanted to find something cute for the front porch to sit on either side of the front door in front of the side windows. After scouring Pinterest for hours, I decided on using old milk cans as planters. I found a couple of new milk cans, so I got to work making them look one. One was originally blue and the other was red. First I added some dark brown spray paint, then added a bit of cream with a hard dry bristle brush, then lightly sprayed a bit more brown over the cream so it wasnt such a contrast, then I took some sand paper and scuffed them up. I added some dirt to help keep them from tipping over in the wind (and it helped to anchor the floral stems) and added a burlap ribbon. Unfortunately, now they are too heavy and I can not get them out of the wagon myself. Oopsie... Anyhow, here they are. Once the porch is all finished, I will update a new picture of them in their new home.

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  1. Old milk cans are a perfect idea for a porch. They turned out lovely and you are very creative, my friend! Holly from down to earth style