Thursday, February 7, 2013

Paint Laminate Countertops

You really can paint over laminate countertops to give the look of granite. Here are some current photos...

This is a close up and the sparkly is the gold glitter dust that I added.

Below are some really outdated pictures, but you can get the idea. We painted these back in 2005. They were a plain ugly off white laminate. Basically I cleaned them really well, sanded them lightly, painted a coat of primer, then painted them with 3 different shades of brown using a sea sponge. To top if off, I sprinkled just a touch of some gold glitter (the kind made for paint) and then sealed it with about 5 coats of an oil based polyurethane.

They have held up very well. The island is due for another coat of the poly since the islands gets the most use, but otherwise I am happy we did it. I believe there are many products out there now that are made for this purpose, but back in 2005 I didnt know about them so we used good old fashioned paint from the home improvement store. Here are a few pictures - excuse the outdated decor.... I tell you, I am constantly changing things around the house.

These are photos from 2005 when we first painted our white laminate countertops so the decor is a bit outdated.

Another photo from 2005

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