Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Cozy Home - a perpetual work in progress

Lately I have been into the "farmhouse" and somewhat country style so I have slowly been adding rustic, antique and country touches to the house. It is ever evolving but I am enjoying the process.

The kitchen - the dining table is being replaced with the farmhouse table and I hope to someday replace the white stove. Hmmm... maybe a project to paint it to look like stainless steel.

another angle

the living room

The faux "barn door" that I made on the mantle, and the mantle itself which is painted to look like wood. It is actually just a stucco surround.

Here are some close ups of the faux "wood" surround on the fireplace.

This is a cute little ladder that I found at the antique mall. It was aqua (not my type of color) so I dry brush painted over it, but left just a smidge of the bluish color showing through.

The other faux "barn door" in the entry way

I also switched out the red accents replaced aka re-painted the accents in ivory/chocolate brown.

faux "exposed" brick in a few places

Here is the foyer where a bit of the red did survive, probably not for long though.

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