Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vintage Milk Can

I have been on the search for a vintage milk can for quite some time. I have found several but they are pricey, so I kept searching. I finally found one at a local antique mall for $27. I didnt think that was a bad price considering most of them were going for anywhere from $60 and up.

This one wasnt the prettiest. It was painted a pukey peach color that just wasnt my style. So I scoured through Pinterest to get ideas and came across an idea that I really liked and I decided to borrow her idea. I reviewed her blog/tutorial and got to work.

It turned out great, but I can not take the credit for this idea....

The first step was to cover up the peach with a dark brown. I made sure to leave the natural rust at the bottom.

Then I painted over the brown (using a homemade version of chalk paint - craft paint + plaster of paris + water) with an off white paint. I wanted to be able to sand off some of the white once I was completed.

The next step was to print out the design that I wanted. After printing it out I used a charcoal pencil to color the backside of the paper. Then the paper was taped to the can and I traced over the design. By doing this, the design is transferred lightly onto the can. Once that was done I painted the design. Here it is before I distressed it.

The next step was to distress the print to give the aged look. I just took a piece of sand paper and started going over the design.

Just add some hydrangeas and a little burlap, and here is the finished product.......


  1. But what keeps the flowers from falling into the can?

  2. Where did you print the design from?

  3. Where do I buy one of these

  4. Hi there! I put a couple of old paint cans inside the milk can to prevent the flowers from falling inside. It created just enough height. The design was printed from google images. I just found a picture that I liked, printed it and traced it onto the can. As far as where to buy them, usually antique stores is your best bet, or even Craigslist will sometimes have them. Good luck!