Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY Window Pane Mirror

I recently updated the master bedroom but the wall above the dresser was just missing something.... wouldnt you agree?

We still had our old mirror as seen on the right side in the picture below....

So we decided to give it a new look. First we removed the filligree design (I think that it was it is called), cut off the curved portion of the wood so that we had a rectangle frame. I painted it white and then distressed it some. We cut a piece of 1x6 pine to fit the width of the mirror, stained it to match the rest of the furniture and attached it with a couple of nails and braces. I used some inexpensive wooden trim cut to size to create the "window panes" and then added some aged hardware pulls just to give it a little more character. I still need to make a cute vintage wooden sign to sit on the top shelf between the little milk cans/candle holders.

So a couple of weeks have passed and I felt that the mirror aka window frame needed something on the shelf between the 2 mini milkcan/ candle holders. We had some leftover wood from the wood used to make the shelf, so I painted it to look like an aged vintage sign.

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