Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Front Door Makeover

While in the process of updating the curb appeal on our house I decided to work on painting the front door to look like a faux wood finish. It didnt turn out too bad....

The original door (front side) was an aqua blue-ish (ick) color that I just didnt like.

I had previously painted only the inside a chocolate brown (seen below)

Now here is a picture of the "new" wood grain door, and of course I just had to add a cute burlap wreath to complete the look


  1. Found your site on Pinterest - & have enjoyed browsing your site! You're very talented! Is the door above a steel door that is made to look like faux wood finish? Can you tell me what type of product you used? I would LOVE to do this with our doors!

    1. Hi and thanks! Yes, it is a steel door painted to look like wood. This was a very inexpensive project. I just used a few of those containers of craft paint from Michaels. I believe it was the Americana brand and the colors were burnt umber and I think chocolate or just plain brown. I probably ended up using about 3-4 small containers of each color. Sorry, I didnt keep very good notes. I basically just used a craft sponge brush and started with the lighter color to cover the whole surface. Then I added the darker here and there, then just kept playing with both colors and layering until it looked somewhat like wood grain. Once I was happy with the finished look, I just covered it with a light coat of clear polycrylic. I think I used either a sponge roller or a wider sponge craft brush. I hope that helps and good luck on your doors!

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